Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where we are now and what we have tried.

If you are trying to conceive for a while then you may know how I feel. There is nothing I would not try if I thought it would help my chances of getting pregnant!

We have been through all of the crappy test that come with infertility and I still consider it a small price to pay. I do charting and opk's.
We tried three cycles of Clomid so far- Every cycle growing decent follicles but not ovulating. Soooo frustrating! The last cycle left me with a large cyst on my right ovary and my endometrium lining is 20 mm!! (very thick!!) We are currently on a month off to see if the cyst takes care of itself. I am taking Prometrium to help me shed that thick lining and I am on my 45th day of bleeding! Yes- you read that correct 45th day of bleeding. I'm sick to death of it to say the least!

Oh well what else can I do but wait- isnt that something that infertility gives you lots of practice at?
My next appointment is April 5th at 8:30 am for another transvaginal ultrasound and I am hoping and praying for some good news!!!!!

Our journey so far...

Hello to anyone who may be reading my blog!
I am creating this as a way to document the journey that my husband and I are on trying to conceive our first child. I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I truly love kids.
When I met my husband I knew right away that he was the man I was meant to spend my life with. I wanted him as my partner in life and the father of my children. Thankfully, he felt the same way!! :)
We wasted no time when we made the decision to start creating our family in June 2007 but little did we know that it would not be as easy for us as we are made to believe it is in high school.
In the past 33 months we have shared more then our fair share of talks and tears, doctors appointments and intrusive procedures. It hasn't been fun but we both have the same goal and there is not much I would not do to become a mom!

So if anyone reads this leave me a comment so I know your around.